Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth
Reviewed by: Deanna St. Croix

Macrocosmica's 'Art of the Black Earth' is a very different disc with a sound that is not that easy to describe. I like the overall theme of the album and the way they have managed to make each song sound different. Considering that people may be expecting a lot due to the band's combined family tree (Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, Bangtwister) I think this is a really good album.

This album is heavy with psychedelica and fuzzy riffs. It's also incredibly mellow and all soft sounds. Spacey and angry sounding Brendan O'Hare yells and screams throughout the songs while Cerwyss O'Hare provides an interesting and talented female counterpart. I think Macrocosmica's strongest point is that they have nicely textured songs that are not too simple nor artsy.

I guess the description for the 'Art of the Black Earth', as I hear it, would be: heavy space rock with deep Black Sabbath grooves, fuzz rock riffs, low bass, and heavy ambience. This isn't a perfect album but it is really good. If you are looking for something a little different by way of a hard hitting spacey trip then Macrocosmica's brand of rock will do it. Tracks I really enjoyed were: Lunarian, the hidden track, Spira Solaris (this song could be a definite hit) Bunuel, and Michael Jackson, Child Toucher.