Having owned Art of the Black Earth for nigh on a year, it was a huge relief to finally get to see Macrocosmica live. Sure, I could argue with myself that I saw them play once in 1998, but it was different songs and a different band in reality. Nowadays they’re even more of a rock machine and ‘Art…’ is a stunning piece of work that I’m prepared to stand by for the long haul. Yet despite all the pressure that existed within my head for the band to live up to, Macrocosmica conquered all, performing three new songs as well as three album tracks.

Still, it’s hard to pinpoint their exact sound. They perform brutal and dark blasts of hard rock that don’t sound dated or clichéd, yet avoid latching on to any current rock trends or pitfalls. In one direction you have the huge riffs and screaming vocals reflecting a band like Monster Magnet, but in turn that meets at a crossroads with a Sonic Youth style, thanks to the intimidating, slower spoken word passages from Cerwyss O’Hare, and it’s an impressive combination.

Lead singer, Brendan O’Hare is generally more famous for his work with many other bands in Scotland that have shared levels of worldwide success, but when he’s onstage with Macrocosmica he’s a hyperactive blur, and this band deserves the recognition as much as any of their more successful peers.