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Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth
March/April 2003 live review by Stuart McHugh

Metal Gurus
Macrocosmica, Motherwell Soundgarden @ Starka, Tues. 20th Feb.

We're gathered here tonight brethren to celebrate the art of the black earth, as the Macrocosmica release their album of the same name. And, we presume, to engage in some light sacrifice and other-worldly kinda fun and games.... Macrocosmica also have product to shift - but having traded souls with Satan long ago all they have left is music. Thankfully there's plenty of this. The world is well served for dumb metal at present, with the likes of the Datsuns honing their ACDC tribute act and a host of imitators leaping on their over-subscribed bandwagon. But as you'd expect from a band who boasts ex-members of Teenage Fanclub and Bangtwister, and hell, even the older incarnation of the 'Cosmica, hooks are something they're quite capable of. In fact it's a battle between tunes and full-blooded rock - "V For Vendetta" has a mere 10 seconds of respite until it blasts into an ear-splitting frenzy replete with big screaming chorus. The pace veers between grungy metal with epic riffs and the more upbeat, if not jaunty, for "Triskaidekaphobia" - fear of the number thirteen - which rattles along at a headlong pace before counting up to thirteen and the inevitable shuddering climax. Now, with the metal revival from the U.S. and Antipodes having caught up with them, Macrocosmica can finally show the world a thing or two and cast these shallow pretenders into the void.
Stuart McHugh