Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth

Hailing out of groups like Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai, Telstar Ponies and Bangtwister, Macrocosmica plays, hhhmmm... what do they play, I would say from the music you can file them into Rollins Band and from the voice a bit of Sonic Youth. I love stuff like that. Music with ups and downs, no no, don't understand me wrong, with ups and downs I mean parts where you can chill out and in the other second a storm of sound breaks loose. Music that wanna make jump and bang your head. I can understand why they supported Fugazi and did Peel sessions, cause they are good and they know what they are doing. The recording is really fat and down to earth. Lots of feelings and emotions went through me when I heard their stuff the first time and now these three songs don't go out of my head. At the moment they are working on a full-length and I can imagine how this will end. IT WILL BE KILLER for sure!!!! If you're a fan of music like Motorpsycho, Rollins Band and stuff like that, this will save your day for sure. I love it!!!