Careless Talk Costs Lives
Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth
May, 2003. reviewed by Steve Hanson

Knowing that trepanning is an attempt to get higher than drugs can take you by drilling holes in certain parts of your own skull goes a long way to describe Macrocosmica's sound. Here, ex-Teenage Fanclub drummer Brendan O'Hare, plus other Scots from Mogwai, Bangtwister and Telstar Ponies lay down a groove that achieves "total heaviosity". Compadres in crime are Salome, Isis and Bardo Pond. The Alan Moore-philia of the "V For Vendetta" title gives way to Rage Against the Machine energy, "Bunuel" piles ultra-phasing on Sabbath riffs, while "Michael Jackson, Child Toucher" is an epic stoner rockathon. After this heavy psych overdose, listening to anything else seems futile. Pass me the Black & Decker darling, I'm taking it to 11...
Steve Hanson