Macrocosmica - Art of the Black Earth

This review may seem somewhat dated, as this release has been available on import since February, "Art of the black earth" is rough, ragged post guitar rock that blasts you to the other side of the cosmos. Surreal lyrics, thick and heavy melodies, it's one of those few albums that can actually be classified as an "experience." It opens with the Sonic Youth-like moodswinger "V for vendetta" with ranting and screaming by guitar player Brendan O’Hare and bassist Cerwyss O’Hare contributes some Kim Deal/Tanya Donnely (This Mortal Coil) vocals. Most of the songs are built around almost thick bricklayers of guitar walls but with a lot of frequent tempo changes that allow many different facets of their two voices, sometimes a bit over the top but always full of anger and rage. Disciples of the Glaswegian scene (Mogwai, Reindeer Section, Telstar Ponies, Bangtwister) should seek out this album.