Some bands claim to be heavy. Some bands claim to have 'issues' within their lyrics. Some bands claim to be angry. Some bands ROCK.Some of these aforementioned bands don't do anything of the kind - it's as simple as that. They're pretending, lieing or are at least misguided. Macrocosmica are NOT one of these bands. They are the real deal and rock with a fury rarely seen today, or 'ever' for that matter. Sonically we're talking Swans, Black Sabbath, Big Black, early Nirvana and late '60's progressive rock as early comparisons. However they have an identity of their own and lyrics that are as caustic and vitriliolic as any written. Check song titles 'V for Vendetta' or 'Michael Jackson, Child Toucher' for proof of their anger and 'Lunarian' or 'Terra Ungunka' for imagination and other-worldly-ness. Don't think this is just noise though as all the tracks have superb arrangements, melodies and monster riffing thoughout... there are even acoustic guitars scattered about the place. This is a truly aggressive, but highly inventive Rock LP and definitely compares and competes with anything the USA can throw at us... but what else would you expect from ex-members of Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai and Bangtwister. It's all homegrown, straight outta Glasgow and available from the record label's website, as of Friday 7th February. Also check the band's site for updated info and tour dates on This is their debut long-player - who knows what they'll do next? Be afraid, be very afraid!