"Farewell to Earth" now available from Monorail and Avalanche in Glasgow. Otherwise through us at macrocosmica@hotmail.com (also using paypal with that address)

a fine fusion of space, prog and stoner rock that bites just right. Of course none of this would mean a thing if Macrocosmica didnít have that magical X factor and werenít a band of the highest highest quality (anyone can take from their record collection and sound half good, this is far more than that). Thereís a lot of musical pedigree here, amongst their number is Brendon OíHare (ex-Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai and the brilliant Telstar Ponies), and Keith Beacom and Gordon Brady from heavy psyche outfit Bangtwister. Cerwyss OíHare adds another more delicate dimension when her angelic voice takes her turn at the front. Heavy fuzzy jazzy progressive psychedelic rock, clever arrangements, warm melodies, galloping passages - ah yes, Macrocosmica are one of the very best bands out there, the furious thrilling real deal and this may well be their best album yet. Proper heavy prog rock

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